We’re Back… No Really!: A First-Day Review of Social Media Marketing World 2022

Jake Woehlke
2 min readMar 14, 2022


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I feel really weird about not wearing a mask.

Call it habit, call it social conditioning, call it being sick and tired of the collective breakdown we’ve all had in the last 2 (or is it 200? I can’t tell anymore) years, but it was almost surreal to walk into the San Diego Convention Center and pick up my first convention badge in the last 24 months. Stranger still to sit in the hall and see it starting to fill up with speakers, attendees, and sponsors.

This is the start of Social Media Marketing World 2022.

The brainchild of Michael Stelzner and the Social Media Examiner team, this annual conference brings together a host of speakers and attendees looking to learn and grow their social media game. This is my fourth conference, learning over the years from such luminaries in the industry like Mari Smith, Pat Flynn, Robert Rose, and Mark Schaefer (among a host of other equally-amazing people). Covering topics including paid and organic social media marketing, content marketing, ads, and more, SMMW has continuously proven itself to be a valuable educational asset to anyone wanting to learn or grow their social media marketing knowledge.

And the networking! In previous years, networking has included “table talk” formats for people with similar interests to sit and chat together, “networking bingo” to encourage connections, and one evening party to celebrate (my first SMMW party was held on the USS Midway; an auspicious start!).

This year, however, appears to be a “cautious” reentry into the in-person conference environment. Sessions a bit more pared down, vendors limited in space compared to previous years, masks still present (but not required) in the halls. But one thing seems to still be around: the energy. The constant chatter, the laughter; people seem ready to get out of their home offices and back into a communal environment to network and learn together.

And I am absolutely here for it.

What I’m Looking Forward To

Sessions that I’m booking in my itinerary include

  • Relationships to ROI, with Jessika Phillips
  • The New Youtube Recipe, with Sean Cannell
  • Content Marketing in 2022, with Robert Rose
  • Organic Facebook Growth, with Fallon Zoe
  • Boosting Youtube Retention, with Diana Gladney
  • The Ultimate Facebook Success Formula, with Mari Smith

…and, of course, the morning and evening keynotes from Michael Stelzner (Social Media Marketing in 2022), Tamsen Webster (The Logic of Emotion), and Emeric Ernoult (Social Media ROI)!

Stop back here tomorrow for a review of Day 2 at SMMW!

Jake is a content creator, writer, and consultant taking 2022 to fully transition into the digital nomad lifestyle. Find out more about Jake over at jakewoehlke.com



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